Managing a healthy weight


It's the beginning of the new year! Time to make new year resolutions for a healthier lifestyle.  Check out our resources for tips about managing a healthy weight.


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Managing your weight - It's a question about balance

This interactive information leaflet, which opens into a colourful A3 poster, provides tips on how to improve diet and increase physical activity levels. Aimed at both adults and children, this leaflet includes both a food and an activity quiz which highlights awareness of the balance between food intake and exercise which will enable you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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Understanding Your Weight - to reduce your risk of heart and circulatory diseases

This short leaflet explains why being overweight increases your risk of heart and circulatory diseases, and why where you carry excess weight on your body is important. 

It also tells you how to measure your weight and gives you advice on keeping a healthy weight.

Please note there is an error on page 7, BMI chart. The overweight category is incorrect and should be BMI 25 – 29.9. The BHF will be correcting this error at the next print run in early 2019.

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10 Top Tips for a Healthy Weight (new edition)

This leaflet explains Ten Top Tips - our weight loss programme based on scientific evidence to help build healthy habits into everyday life.

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Healthy Eating: How to get the balance right

Featuring the 'eatwell plate' this easy-to-read colourful leaflet and accompanying A3 poster, provides healthy eating messages including what do we mean by healthy eating? why eat a healthy diet? and information on the five food groups. Includes advice on portion sizes and how many portions to eat each day.

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Fussy Eating - How Can I Help My Child?

Meet Jess and Jack in this comprehensive leaflet which explains why some children go through a "fussy eating" phase, providing suggestions on how to conduct mealtimes, ideas on how to encourage and motivate children to eat, reassurance about siblings and older children, simple and easy-to-make "tempting tasty" meal menus, packing a healthy lunchbox and when your child needs to see a specialist.

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Bring it Back - Getting thin as you get older is not always good for you

This leaflet is part of The Dairy Council campaign on elderly malnutrition.It looks at who may be most at risk, signs to look out for and getting older people who are losing weight to think about what they eat, when they eat, who they eat with and to get them to ask for help.

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