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Join the campaing of Movember to raise awareness of men's health. 

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Healthy Men

This "pocket-sized" leaflet covers twelve different health topics introducing ways in which men can make their lifestyle healthier.

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Spotting cancer early saves lives - Information for men

A leaflet for men covering cancer screening and the importance of early diagnosis.

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Know your body spot cancer early - Prostate Cancer

This leaflet contains information on how to spot the symptoms of prostate cancer early and reduce your risk.

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Keep ahead of the game - A guide to testicular self examination (z card)

This pocket-size fold-up leaflet is aimed at all men over the age of fifteen and explains what T.S.E. is, how to check oneself, what to look for - warning signs, know what is normal and a guide to self-examination.

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Stress - What everyone should know

Dual-purpose highly coloured leaflet which folds out to be an A3 poster, provides information pictorially on how to recognise and control stress and the pressures in life. Explains what happens to your body, what excessive stress can lead to, the main causes of stress, finding a balance in life, how to help yourself and where to get more information and advice.

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