Starting the Year with Healthy Eating

Starting the Year with Healthy Eating

Children in England are eating nearly three times the recommended amount of sugar. Too much sugar is bad for their health.  Surprisingly, half the sugar they consume comes from snacks and sugary drinks.

As a way to help parents reduce children’s sugar intake, Change4Life is launching a new campaign to help families choose healthier snacks.  The campaign will help parents take action by introducing a new simple tip – ‘Look for 100 calorie snacks, two a day max’.  To find out more, visit

Also, take a look of our resources and get inspiration to start the year with healthy eating.


Featured Resources

Look for 100 calorie (kcal) snacks (A4 poster)

A4 poster of Change4Life 2018 nutrition campaign to help families choose healthier snacks and reduce children’s sugar intake.

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This label could change your life

Protect your heart with this short guide on food labels.

It gives you all the information you need to choose which foods to shop, and which to drop. The guide includes a food label decoder card that you can use in the supermarket to check, compare and choose healthier food products.

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Your bite sized guide to healthy weight loss - Eat better feel better

The leaflet folds out to a large poster with an illustrated portion guide, and it also explains:

  • why it's important to keep your weight in check,
  • what weight loss target you should aim for, and
  • how to lose weight in a healthy way that allows you to maintain a balanced diet.



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Your simple guide to healthy weight loss - Facts not fads

Facts not fads is a simple guide to healthy weight loss for adults who need and want to lose weight.


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10 Top Tips for a Healthy Weight (new edition)

This leaflet explains Ten Top Tips - our weight loss programme based on scientific evidence to help build healthy habits into everyday life.

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Managing your weight - It's a question about balance

This interactive information leaflet, which opens into a colourful A3 poster, provides tips on how to improve diet and increase physical activity levels. Aimed at both adults and children, this leaflet includes both a food and an activity quiz which highlights awareness of the balance between food intake and exercise which will enable you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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