Signing up to our Resource Alerts

You can get HPAC Resource Alerts straight into your Outlook mailbox on the subjects you choose by following the instructions below.

There are also other ways to get resource alerts - simply follow the instructions for the method that you prefer.

Microsoft Outlook.

1. Select the Resource Alert subject from the list [Opens in a New Window] .

2. Copy the URL (web address) e.g.

3. Sign into your e-mail account on Outlook

4. Right click on the RSS Feeds folder

5. Open 'Add a New RSS Feed'

6. Paste the URL into the box using Ctrl V and click Add

7. Repeat to add other subjects

Whenever new resources in that subject(s) are added to the library you will automatically be notified - no need to visit the catalogue.

Readers in Web Browsers

Most web browsers automatically check for feeds when you visit a website, and display an orange icon when they find one. In Internet Explorer, for example, clicking on the orange RSS icon will display the RSS feed information.

Stand Alone Readers

By using a Reader a list of new resources can be delivered to your desktop There are numerous RSS Readers (sometimes called Aggregators), many of them free. You will need to install the Reader on your PC (ask your IT department about this if you do not have administration rights). Then, whenever new resources on your chosen subject(s) is added to the library you will automatically be notified.

For a Windows PC the CITA RSS Reader is simple to use and install.

For Firefox the SAGE RSS Reader. RSS Reader.

For an Apple Mac you might like to try NewsFire..

Adding feeds to your RSS Reader

Once you have a RSS Reader installed on your PC click on the orange RSS button next to each feed subject listed on the RSS Feeds page to subscribe. You can drag the URL (web address) of the feed into your RSS reader or cut and past the URL into a new feed in your RSS Reader.

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